The Following
Is My Intent.

My name is Trevor and I live in Spruce Grove, AB.  I have many projects on the go to help the homeless, to raise awareness about First Nations issues and to raise consciousness.

Trevor Reichert

I’m going to go into detail about a Spirit Sanctioned Mission that was offered to me by Spirit.  I accepted this task, and then I went on to actually EARN it over several months.  I’m going to start out with some details about myself, I’ll touch on Spirituality and then I’ll get into the vision.

I am a Military Veteran and a single Dad of two beautiful daughters and this magical journey that I am on started with 50 years of pain and suffering that resolved itself with a personal Spiritual Awakening 18 months ago.  I will not get into that too much here but I will say that it means “touched by god” and basically the “veil” (amnesia) is lifted somewhat and you are trusted enough to receive some profound knowledge about the Universe and life, and why we are here. This is the beginning of the journey to find your Authentic Self and your true purpose (the reason that you chose to come to this planet).  Basically, God taps you on the shoulder, looks you dead in the eyes and says…. “Hey bro… I’m real!  Wanna work for me?”

When you are awakened you are given a choice to be in service or to be a witness. This world actually does not run by itself believe it or not.  There is a lot of grey in between.   I work for Spirit now.  All of the projects that I am currently overseeing came directly from source (Spirit).  I will die for this cause if I have to, I take no credit and I need no recognition. I am simply a Soul in a vessel who has been blessed with an opportunity to do the work for Spirit.  Whether you believe that or not doesn’t matter.  What matters is that I am on a mission to spread LIGHT and LOVE and NATURE with the world and make it a better place.  Everybody can resonate with that.  It’s all that matters.

The Bridge

The first thing to understand here is that we are ALL Souls.  We as a collective group of souls are heading towards consciousness.  Part of what is happening on earth right now is that people are waking up to realize the gift that we have here, and to understand that we are all Souls in vessels and we are all the same.  You are, at your essence, a formless being here on this planet to learn lessons and grow Spiritually and experience the gifts of sight, touch, taste, smell, sound, light, love and nature.  We are all one.

I have always resonated very strongly with Indigenous culture and tradition. I will tell you that I have done Akashic Record work and most importantly I can feel this in my heart. and Spirit has also helped me to recognize that I have been working toward this mission for many lifetimes.

It is my opinion that First Nations People are the ONLY ones who got it right and we should all be going back to simpler ways.  Following the Laws of Nature and the 7 Grandfather Teachings got us all the way to the modern era (That’s over 300,000 years since modern man evolved) and now capitalism (all of the “isms”), greed, fear, selfishness, control by government and the wealthy few (among other things) have relentlessly destroyed us over the past two hundred odd years.  This system for living is NOT WORKING. We are killing the planet and its time to stop submitting.

Every Soul on Earth has a Divine purpose.  Understand that a Soul was Gretzky, a Soul was Farrakhan and a Soul Was Mohamed Ali.  You have a Soul, I have a Soul, and it just so happens that I have been a First Nations Chief in many lifetimes.  I have been Nehiyawak and I have been Ojibwa and now, that very same Soul is back in a white German vessel, with absolutely NO Indigenous blood whatsoever, to serve as the facilitating bridge between First Nations People and the settlers.  I wish you could see my goosebumps.

We will learn together.  We will grow together.  We will heal together and we will transmute the negative emotions and send all of this energy back to ourselves in the end as Light and Love…. as a United Nation!

The Healing Vision Preamble

Through direct contact, meditation and synchronicities and as I became aware that this mission is real, I also recognized that as a white guy, I was going to have to get this right and that there is most likely a very small margin for error on my part.  This is important so I have made it my mission to learn everything I possibly can about Indigenous culture.  I started studying and what I found at the time several months ago is that there really is not a whole lot on the internet about the Residential School issues.  I was unable to satisfy my quest for knowledge and I started reaching out and have since acquired several First Nations mentors who have been wonderful.  I have read 100’s of books and I am currently taking a 14 week Indigenous Canada course at the University of Alberta.  There is a free version of this course by the way and it is available to any who wish to learn about First Nations Culture!  I have committed to Sundance this summer at Alexander First Nation to pray for the continued healing and nurturing of this important relationship and I am committed to learning, and to this cause.

The plain and simple truth is that First Nations People feel slighted.  They are angry, and rightfully so.  This whole issue has largely been minimized and swept under the rug, as the fake news tends to do.  A very poor job has been done with this considering the gravity of it, which apparently some folks may not understand.  Due to this mission, I have asked for Spirit to send me fruitful connections for the mission.  I talk to Residential School Survivors every single day.  The stories you may have heard on the news do not do any justice to what actually happened.  Many times, things are downplayed or diminished.  I can literally barely write this without breaking down as I think of the atrocities… the gravity of this all and the depth and pain and suffering and actual real life horror stories that I hear every day.

On August 19, 2019 The Federal Court of Canada approved a Nationwide Class Action lawsuit to compensate students who attended and suffered abuse or harm at Federal Indian Day Schools. (McLean vs. Canada).  Giving money as compensation is nice, but its also a part of the “World Script” and although money is helpful and necessary (currently), it’s a joke.  We need LiGhT aNd LoVe and Compassion and Empathy and Understanding and Healing!!!!  AS A NATION!!  WE ARE ONE!! UNITY!!

The Healing Vision

As I have said, I previously prayed and asked Spirit for fruitful connections for this mission.  I am currently manifesting anything I need for this in 24 hours or less and usually within the hour.  First Nations People have been coming to me and telling their stories.  I have a large list of Indigenous folks who believe in this vision and have agreed to be a part of this National and World Healing Vision for Unity!

One major problem is that, although First Nations People feel extremely slighted (and rightfully so), it is not ENTIRELY the settler’s fault from the perspective (as I mentioned before) that there is not (was not, it’s getting better slowly) a whole lot of quality, accurate and available information.  Even those who want to engage may not get the big picture as they should.

Here is a point form synopsis of the mechanics of this vision:

  • I have a YouTube channel called World Campfire Initiative which I started 14 months ago for the very purpose of this mission. I have built it up to over 1.07k subscribers in preparation for the release of this material.
  • I have Residential School Survivors ready and willing to tell their stories on video and every Soul who is ready to begin the healing process or those who just want to help with this vision to raise awareness and to help the Settlers understand so that REAL compassion and empathy can begin to build can participate.
  • I will be recording an intro video with the Concept and Vision and this is the ONLY time you will see me.
  • All videos that are made by Residential School Survivors will be wholly owned by the person who speaks in them. All rights will belong to the participants themselves and they will have full creative control up to and including say on whether or not the videos can be shared.  Participants will have full control to have their videos removed at ANY time for ANY reason with no questions asked.
  • If participants are not comfortable speaking on videos, I will agree to do the video in interview style. Pre-arranged questions will be tailored to what the individual would like to talk about.  You will hear my voice but I will not be in the videos.
  • This will be done with respect and dignity and will be highly professional.
  • As these videos are released, they will certainly go viral. This is the beginning of The Great Understanding!
  • In telling these stories we are starting on the journey to healing. REAL compassion and empathy will build and what will happen is we will find a common ground and start to come together to heal as a Nation.  As ONE!
  • This healing journey is not finished here …. We are going to hold hands and head down the road together …. LITERALLY!
  • The Soul Aid Unity March is taking place from 21 June to 1 July. This is a march that I will be leading from Jasper to Canmore and the WHOLE WORLD IS INVITED! Unity!!.  I will be doing this 320 km march BAREFOOT as a symbol of my commitment to help people in need. Suffering is required because people understand suffering.  See below for details on the march!
  • There are 2 staves currently being constructed for this March by Crystal Clear Healing. The Residential School Survivor Staff and The World Unity Staff.  Both will accompany us on this journey and will be strong symbols that carry the wonderful energy of healing and unity for the world to see and be a part of!  Spirit will be with us!!
  • The Soul Aid Unity March will erupt into a 2-day celebration of life in Canmore. Location TBA but I’m looking into the Olympic Facility.  We will have a MASSIVE campfire 30ft across and there will be a Sacred Fire Ceremony.  Fire is representative of letting go, metaphoric of cleansing (the fire cycle), setting of intentions, healing, new beginnings and possibilities. Every single good soul on this planet is welcome!

The Soul Aid Unity March

This march will take place from 21 June to 1 July 2022 and EVERY SINGLE GOOD SOUL ON THIS PLANET IS WELCOME!

The Soul Aid Unity March will be raising money for the Homeless (to build Unity Village) while we celebrate life and unity as all good Souls join hands and hearts to heal the nation and the world as we walk for this wonderful cause!

  • The financial goal of the Soul Aid Unity March is to raise money to build Unity Village (see below) which is a self-sustaining, self-integrating homeless solution and there will NEVER be any government involvement.
  • We will be heading out from the town of Jasper, AB. On June 21. Location is TBA.
  • The walk is 320 km in total and will be divided roughly into 10 x 30 km sections over 10 days. We will be walking roughly 5km/hour.  6 hours a day. 10 days. This is a Celebration of Life, so we will be having fun and playing in streams and loving life together.  I intend to catch my lunch if possible!
  • There will be camp areas designated in 9 spots along the way and I plan to have hundreds and even thousands of people Marching in Unity! Believe.
  • We will be having 9 major campfires with special guests… First Nations Chiefs to talk about the issues and Elders telling Aura Stories and we will be recording a talk show at the fires each night. We will be taking the first steps and having discussions with regard to completely dismantling and destroying that tyrannical oppression tool called the Indian Act.
  • A live podcast will be ongoing throughout the day as we walk. Any good Soul who has something to say is welcome to do so.
  • At the 9th campfire, I intend to have Treaty 6 and Eastern leaders at the fire for a friendly Powwow to discuss solutions and a plan of action. All leaders will be welcome to this open discussion platform at the last campfire.
  • Once we get to Canmore there will be a Celebration of Life PoW WoW with speakers and a concert as well as a Drum Circle.
  • There will be a Sacred Fire Ceremony for those who wish to (and are ready) to partake in the healing or for those who have healed over the past 12 months since the project started. We will heal together.

Unity Village

As previously mentioned, I take no credit for any of the projects I am working on.  I am simply doing the work.  Unity Village is a very special project to me.  Last week I received the permits to turn my personal garage into a 4-person Garden Suite to help lift up Homeless folks here in Spruce Grove.  It’s called the ONE TriBe Transition Home and it is phase one of helping these folks and raising awareness, first in Spruce Grove and then eventually the whole world is the plan.  I have connected the whole community on this.  The building supply stores, and the contractors are all coming together to do this for free and set an example from right here in Spruce Grove.  I have 3 gentlemen living in there right now who will eventually transition to Unity Village which I plan to have built before next winter.  I’ve been working very hard to connect all of the churches in Spruce Grove on a non-dogma level where we can approach these large projects as a team from a place of Light and Love and Kindness.

  • Unity Village is a self-sustaining, self-integrating Homeless solution, run by the Homeless for the Homeless. This facility will be built solely on the money I raise and there will NEVER be government involvement in any of my projects.    Unity Village consists of a central kitchen, single dwelling houses with an address block and amenities like internet, power, phone etc.  It will be totally self-sufficient including greenhouses and chickens and crops when possible.  I am currently working on a land donation and also plan to build a Holistic Healing Centre on the Unity Village property as well as a Detox Center.  All services will be free to all.

    Final Thoughts, Unity Consciousness, A Talk Show And A Doccumentary

    I have been in the initial stages of securing a team, to create a documentary to supplement what we are all doing together but there is a lot to do and I’m only one man!  We are all heading towards Unity Consciousness and it is important to be able to share this with the world and continue to grow it because it is our destiny.

    I am also very shortly having my first guest on SpiRiT CoFFee.  This is a talk show that I am creating to raise Spiritual awareness and consciousness. I will also be using it to promote the Soul Aid Unity March in June.  If you have something to say on these topics and would like to be a guest, please reach out.

    A letter has been written and is ready to be sent out to all 605 First Nations Bands, to invite 5 members from each band to come and represent their Band!  It is time to stand up!  We owe it to ourselves and to the other good souls that are unaware of the fight as of yet, and to Mother Earth.

    If you have any questions, thoughts or ideas, or would like to be a part of the World Campfire Initiative team, please reach out!  This is OUR thing… lets do it together!